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Start Driving Results Today

For a limited time you can sign up for Thumzup and receive $100 to $1,000 in prepaid advertising on Thumzup!

Incentivize Customers to Post on Social Media About Your Brand.


Our self-service platform makes it easy for brands to launch a campaign and start seeing results.



Register below to receive $100 to $1,000 in free advertising and get access to our self-service platform to easily create campaigns, approve creator posts, and view results. 

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Direct Integration with Social Platforms

The Thumzup Platform is integrated directly with Instagram so you can easily approve creator posts, view past posts, and monitor results. 

Transparent Pricing

Brands set the price to pay creators per approved post through our self-service portal and Thumzup earns a 30% commission per approved post - it's that simple! No contracts or other fees.

Rights Usage

The stunning content shot by creators and approved for payment through our platform is yours to use across all advertising channels.

Complete Control

Accept payment on the relevant posts that support your brand and decline payment for not relevant posts that do not support your brand.

Unused budgets may be returned to the company after 90 days.

For the purpose of this limited promotion, a "qualified customer" is any business in these zip codes: 90025, 90066, 90291, 90292, 90293, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90406, 90230, 90049, 90272, 90094, 90064, 90073, 90024, 90034, 90232; that has a physical retail location open to the general public not by appointment and is willing to display signage to promote the Thumzup advertising campaign.   A "qualified customer" must not sell products that are against Instagram's policies such as vape products, tobacco products, cannabis products, pornographic content or liquor products. The amount of the promotion issued is based on Thumzup objective criteria.

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