A plan that will fit your needs

Built to service companies of all sizes. A one product startup or a global multi-national with multiple brands, we can help you create the social campaign to meet your needs.

When an advertiser sets up a campaign, they will choose a number of posts and a payout per post. For example, if a advertiser wants 1000 posts for $5.00 per post they select that and set their campaign. If another advertiser wants 500 posts at $20.00 it is up to them. Once the campaign is selected and payment is approved, the campaign will go live in minutes. It’s that easy and all at your fingertips!


Thumzup is here to support all of its creators and advertisers. We provide online email support to everyone. Additional support levels for advertisers to optimize accounts and set up campaigns are available. However, there may be additional fees involved.

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