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What Makes Thumzup Unique

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The Company believes that it is developing a new form of social media marketing that does not currently exist, therefore existing descriptions of market size and penetration are not directly applicable.

As social media influencers become more plentiful and proven, advertising spending has increased in this space. Brands are estimated to spend up to $4.62 billion on influencer marketing in 2023 according to a 2021 Insider Intelligence forecast [7]. We believe major brands recognize that having their happy customers post on social media is valuable.

Design with Ease

“Most existing paid influencer marketing platforms were designed for professional and semi-professional online personalities.”

Some of these platforms have expanded to accommodate “micro-influencers” – people with 5,000 to 30,000 social media followers. In the Company’s opinion, none of these influencer platforms has entered the public consciousness and found mass adoption.

Why We Created Thumzup

The Company has designed Thumzup® “from the ground up” to make it easy for brands and service providers to activate people who are not professional influencers but who are passionate about the products, services, or establishments they enjoy or frequent and then are willing to relate those experiences to their friends and other social media followers. The Company has designed the Thumzup App and Advertiser dashboard with Apple-style simplicity and intuitive features to make participation by all individuals seamless with their existing use of social media.








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