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Thumzup is a Part of the Gig Economy

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

With the Thumzup® App, the Company is targeting and seeking to sign up everyday people and gig economy workers who like specific brands and present them with opportunities to be paid for posting about the brands on social media.

The Thumzup® mobile App enables Creators to select from brands advertising on the App and get paid to post about the Advertiser on social media. Once the Thumzup® Creator selects the brand and takes a photo using the Thumzup® App, the Thumzup® App posts the photo and a caption to the Creator’s social media accounts.

“The Advertiser then reviews and approves the post for payment and the Creator can cash out whenever they choose through popular digital payment systems.”

Why We Created Thumzup

The Company has designed Thumzup® “from the ground up” to make it easy for brands and service providers to activate people who are not professional influencers but who are passionate about the products, services, or establishments they enjoy or frequent and then are willing to relate those experiences to their friends and other social media followers. The Company has designed the Thumzup App and Advertiser dashboard with Apple-style simplicity and intuitive features to make participation by all individuals seamless with their existing use of social media.

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