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Capture Content


Creators capture content in photo or video format and share it on any of your social media platforms.
Tips for capturing quality content:

  • Make sure the product is in focus
  • Practice taking better shots with your phone
  • Learn to include natural and organic elements


Select the Campaign and Post.


Once you capture the content, select the campaign, choose the post from your camera roll and follow our easy submission process.


Confirm and Receive Payout


Once you have submitted and confirmed your post through the Thumzup app, it will be reviewed. Our review process is quick and easy, so you can expect to receive your payout within 48 hours of confirming your post.

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Content Creators

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Brands and Agencies

Connect with your favorite brands, ranging from local restaurants to nation wide chains. Sign up and create a free Thumzup profile and get the opportunity to partner with industry-leading food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Don’t sell your influence short.

The Problem

The power of trust

Consumers don’t appreciate the feeling that they’re being sold something, or that they don’t have agency over their purchasing decisions. They want to be active participants in the purchasing process, researching products and arriving at their own conclusions with a genuine helping hand.

The Answer

Everyone Is An Influencer

Enter influencer marketing. This marketing strategy utilizes well-known, trusted individuals with significant online presence to endorse products and services. The information and recommendations influencers provide feel authentic to consumers, ultimately shaping their purchase decisions without feeling coercive. It’s a valuable strategy for marketers and one that can effectively drive sales while building consumer trust in a brand.

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